Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 26 Lost Ski...Found Ski

On TripleHorn I lost one of my Black Blades just above Tower 6.....Ride the Ridge with one Ski....Pass Ski Patrol....One Peels Off and Asks Me by Name "What Happened?" I'm headed down to Tower Six....But I can't tell in the Snowstorm where it is??? Next here comes Eli and partner....Same thing"Burke, Whats Up?" "We heard there was a lost Ski,....You beat us down to it!" THX!! Kinda a Fugged up Day....Got my gear from Andys then rode up the Hill to the Shop where Allen Adjusted the Bike But really said it well"Your chain is wore out" Amen now it makes sense....New Parts with old parts don't marry well.....Rode from the shop past Butler to 7000 and on to the Mouth BCC ....Random Driver"Whats up with the Beaver Sticker?" and "I'm from there, Can I take a Photo?" YES and YES!!    Casual Commuter!!!!!!!!!!Rob took me up and Ron took me down........YEA!!
Made it home in time to go to the Family Christmas Party BUT Skipped it....Mom Didn't like this BUT
2014-12-2012:20:58Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-2012:51:29Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-2013:02:34Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-2013:15:59Eagle Express I1500

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 25 Last Tram,First MBX

We Never skied the Powder paradise Side.....Why?? We Skied the Sun!!  It was fun....Last Tram for sure Even red light but she did it again...You go ahead....MBX and the Tunnel to open around 11:00AM???Skied down to the Spot, Stash the Pack....G-Zoom!! "Your buddy is a few chairs behind"....YEA! Found Ron and Bo on Gad 2....Even Powder Shots says"Ron just went by" Seen him on the Pics of Bananas.....We find out MBX Is Open......Ron and Bo take the Tram,Me...FAMILY FUN ZONE!!!!Grab pack and head over to Peruvian, Tunnel and SUN!!!!!!!!!! Toss my pack at the top and ENJOY!!!! Excellent PM Session................I Hear this Twice AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
"Little Cloud to OPEN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!

Day 24 Bike Still Down....Rode the Tram

Had to ride my Scooter from Andys up...Then back down Bengal Blvd to find out my Bike isn't ready.....WTF?! Met Ron and his friend Bo in the Locker Room ....We rode the Tram up first...Got back my Tram feet ,,,,Lots of His and Smiles... Even got a funny PowderShots at the Top....Down Reg all the way to the Spot!! NICE!!!! Stash my pack then back up for a Gad 2 Session!!!!!!!!Its GOOD!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 23 GadZoom Down......WHAT???

I DO NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!Catch the 08:10 up with my Scooter....Seen Randy from the Cliff for the First time ! Nice Guy He Likes Ron and I"Missed you this Summer" I was Up!! PASS THE TRAM AND SKI TO THE SPOT!! Then on to GZoom....CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!I stop and almost turn away until the Liftys call me over..."Its Down for the day, We have G2 Open" MAN!!!!!! OK I head over and its not bad...RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Skied up a Storm threw the Trees and The Bumps....."Your pretty good on them" and later we meet Dawn"Don't you Ski Brighton?" and "Your the only one who Skis the Blades!" THX!!! Funny hearing the "B" I miss it...Later we run into Amy, She Skied the Tram all day.....Not Me........... Catch the 4:20 and Scoot down Bengal to the Shop...."Your Bike will be ready Tomorrow" I Didn't worry about a thing and just keep Scooting to Sonic and then all the way Home....:) Good Day on the Slopes with Ron Skiing the SALOMONS!

Day 22 Last Tram...First Gad 2

I'm taking myself off the Tram...It was Horrific and I don't Like it when its the only way up to the Top...Reg was also about as bad as it gets....Walked my Bike up to Shop...I'll be back after Skiing....At the Swamp Lot I just wait....Here Comes Phil,Cool Snowboarder Brother....Got the Bus Up...Go To GADZOOM Asap!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes Ron, Walt and Amy!!!!!!!!!!!YEA!!!Now I'm in a GREAT MOOD!! We Skied Gad 2 Then G-ZOOM....Walt "Burke will stay until closing" Yup Its that FUN Plus its hard to get up....Walk back to the Shop, Bike not ready....Try again Tomorrow

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 21....Killer Sunday....Really

Soli 99cm Blades came off.....So I Skied the Black Blades...AWESOME!!!! Got a ride to the Mouth with Andy.....THX!(Mandy was going up but had to get her Ski Pants in order) Got picked up by a Pro Photographer....Eric !!!!!!!!!!Thx for proving my point...CASUAL COMMUTER!!!Go right to the Eagle Spot and Start there....Roach Cooked Burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!THX! Got to Ski with Marc later and we seen Lila from DV with Friends...."We heard about You"! Thx....AWESOME WEEKEND!!!
2014-12-1409:37:37Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1409:56:02Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1410:07:14Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1411:00:18Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1413:01:29Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1413:14:06Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1413:32:25Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1413:47:16Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1414:13:48Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1414:43:47Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1414:56:28Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1415:14:35Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1415:30:14Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1415:43:28Eagle Express I1500
2014-12-1415:58:59Eagle Express I1500

Day 20 LADIES DAY!!!!

Talk about Posses......They where everywhere!!! Seen some Pro Lady Skiers hit the Bumps...Skied a Little with Gregg from the "B"...He has a pass at all 4 Cottonwoods.....NICE!!!! Skied with some very good Boarders AGAIN!!!!Hit the Jump right in front of the Blue Coats ....Seen "B" from the Village...."That is his Signature Jump" THX!!! Awesome groomers everywhere!!!!!!!