Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some Season Highlights so Farrrr

Getting the Picture of the day at Alta, THX Casey and John!!!
Powder and Opening Day Solitude Facebook

World Class Snowblading

Monday, April 25, 2016


3 Party Posses!!!!!!!! Wake up at Andys, Walk to and catch the Bus,.... CANYON CLOSED!!! We got stopped at the mouth of LCC,... After about a 30 min delay, We arrive about 08:15

117 Alta Sat. and day after Earth Day

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

116 Happy 420 and back at the Nerd

We Worked Monday (36 Panels high above Foothill) Skied this Sunny/COLD Tues,... Started at Walts, Hitching I got picked up by Lee Cohen (Alta Pro Photograher) He took me to the Mouth (And knew my name and my game!!)THX! Next Jared (Who Works at the WildFlower) Nice Ride Up Plus He knew Andy!!!! Me and GuRu are the only one in the Locker Room,... Tram is Over for the Year (I seen both Trams working high above Peruvian) Whoa! Peruvian Running BUT I hit the Welbere SpoT, Next to Gadzoom and on up to Gad 2 where I run into and Ski with Gregg, Next Little Via a couple of MBX,s Even pulled a Ronnie up and Over,....Back at Little I see and Ski with Matt plus 2,...Mandy and Racheal from Alta,.... Ended with Brighton,.. (He got Me at the Bottom of My turns off Little) HARD CHARGING LAST RUNS UNDER LITTLE!!!!! We ended with a last Run down Great Scott,... (My First and Last time down this Iconic Run) I Even took a Peruvian Run Before this run out back to the Spot, Welbere at 4:20,.   Met Rico and Creww heading down to the Lot, He liked My sign, Wanted to give a ride then Shared a Bowl with Me!!(Gregg also Shared a nice one earlier with Matt and the Ladies) VERY NICE BUS RIDE DOWN!!! Got it at Creekside, Off at the swamp lot and nice ride back here to MOMS,...... A VERY NICE SKI DAY!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

115 LDS @Soli then Brighton for Marchareta

Woke up at Andys,... THX for the New Yorks,... We Set the Head Skis to fit Mandys Boots,.....CANCEL!,.... Thx for the ride to the mouth and looking forward to next season skiing with you Andy! Dorrie gets me at the mouth,... THX! Down to "G"s corner, Pack in Brians Truck, Ski time on Double,... (I never rode anything but you and the Beam) Run into and Ski with,..... Scott, Phil and "B",.   Later The Scotts and even later Marc,....Thanks for the GREAT SKI SEASON!!!!
Ryan had Lunch,... !!! YEA!!! Seen so many friends including Ty, Laura,.................................
Funny Skiing with Marc on a Carve Alert with I think Soli Management watching from Double,.. Different sounding Ohhs and Ahhhs,......... Finally Phil drives Scott and I to Brighton so We can use his Pass (Scott got it for Phil) Only Phil and I head up to a Busy Crest and an even Busier Snake,... MARCHARITA To the saddle where We hang out with Than and friends, Watch 2 Snowmobilers Kick so serious ASS down into Heber then back up and OVER to where they Started,...(Phil got film)
WOW!!! Now We can Hike up and Watch the Drunks,..MERIDETH!!!!! Got 5 Hungs plus let Her know about Scarry Terry GONE!!! SHE LIKED!!!! On the way out I seen Lance from the Physical Therapy and Said Hi to him and his Mom,... Phil and I hit the Sun Spot and finally head down,,,,

114 Brighton Bell to Bell

THANKS SCOTT!!!! We Did IT!!! Bell to Bell at the "B",..... MY FAV. MOMENT was seeing Jeff at Smiths,... "Yea I Took over for the C)(T!!" That changes EVERYTHING!!!!!!

113 Last Friday@Solitude