Monday, April 20, 2015

Lee took a Pic

Brightons Last Day... Top to Bottom PARTY!!

Thank You Marc! And Scott and Phil!!!As Lee Said "First and Last Day @Brighton, I don't miss these days" It was Awesome!!!!! We Arrive early and Park at the "B"Beach....B Style....
Looking right at John's old Apt....(We stopped at Dans for a 6 Pack of Malt Beverage, And a Little Bonus B...THX BOSS!!!)  Marc is ready to go around 11:30....Here comes Scott in a New Truck HELLO!!!!!!!! You wanna Park Here? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS That worked out Perfect!!! There is my Ride Door to Door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Another Clear/Beauty Day!!!!Trail and later Gay say Hello (They are getting married and going to France fro their Honeymoon)...Even later Trial says"Come to the Fogs,We got about 15 Folks over there) Nice seeing "G's" Flag waving but I'm staying here...Seen Scarlet, Megan and Joe...Joe"Scarlet says she wants to grow up and be Burke" Me almost to Tears...Bernie "Come have Lunch with Ski Patrol" Me Maybe and THANKS COACH!! Patty comes over later and Has a nice Chat with Me and Phil....She is soo niceee to Me!! KENNY AT the end of the day........AWESOME!!!!! At One time we had Phil,Scott, Judd,Steve (Austins friend) Plus his friend John, Lee and his friend Scott, Always nice to see him...Later Anthony from Soli "Everyone knows your name", "You gave me some Keystone Rocks" AND "Your a Legend around here"....Thanks Anthony...All in all one heck of a Nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day Snow Storm

It started with a WIND STORM Yesterday...Mom and I went to a Nice Funeral, Seen and Sat with Uvonne....Ellis Jackson
Photos Mom took this Morning
Patterns in the New Snow, Front Yard


Monday, April 13, 2015

LDS @Solitude 4-12-2015

Marc gave me a ride up pretty early, After a Stop at Dans for a 12 pack of O'douls we parked at the Bonus Lot...Phil and Scott where already there (With the Fogs) Jimmie was very early and parked near "G"s corner too...We go get Buddy passes...Thats the closest I get to the Beam all day....I set up Shop in the back of Truck....First time Marc seen the Pow Mag write up, He took a Pic with his Smart Phone, Next he is almost the First in Line...Here comes Andy and Mandy...I flash them before they drove into the bonus lot....Andy "Where is Burke?" Right then he got Flashed!!!!!!!!! Neither Andy or Mandy Skied.....?? We had Brats, THX!!! Phil, Scott and Friend Joined Us, PLUS WALT!!!! We Got A Ski Posse!!!!! Everytime they came to the Bottom you could hear the Whistles and Cow Bells Ringing...THAT WAS EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! Non-Skier Handoff....Marc-To-Andy-To-Walt...Or Phil or Jimmiee, Even Brad was "I'm going to make sure you get a ride down"...THX...Quiet time at the Bonus Lot, Jimmiee came by and had some Words, He then went to Summit with a Rope to Toss......
Its 15:00, I head to hang with the Fogs until Walt comes down...About 4:20....Gave "G" a Hug
Stunning Views on the ride down

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ron got in a Pic Too...MM Memo Day 2012

Closing day @Mammoth 2012...THX Powder and Jaded Local

Closing day was in the standard open jam format but the winner from 2010 returned to triumph once again. Crazy Guy on Drugs with Pink Tights and Kniessl Big Feet Snowlerblades may not remember his day, but I do, and it was nothing short of majestic. Despite whatever chemical challenges he was dealing with—not to mention the worst, most fiendishly difficult snow-sliding tools ever made—the champion’s ski technique was pure perfection. I’ve been in The Game for a long time, and I know mastery when I see it. The man was ripping the Volkswagens on Climax with a smoothness and timeless form that I can only compare to the greats like Stein Erikson or Jean-Claude Killy. On tiny skis with toes.