Tuesday, April 22, 2014

112 Bonus Monday

Didn't know if I would make it up BUT!!!! We have our new Washer installed by 09:30 Soooooo I hope on the bike all the way to Walts, Hitch from Swamp lot, Got a ride up with a Nice Lady driving a Subaru THX!!! At the Nerd Center I hear a Whistle....Its Ron getting ready to head down BUT now its Nerd time.....(One of the Mt Ops Tells Ron"We are taking down your Terrain Park!!"....) Thats Funny!! Next we have to take the Tram up and Ride with Travis D....BLADE MONDAY!!! One Mineral then....LITTLE COULD AND IT JUST GOT GOOD!!!!!!!!"Are all those tracks Yours?" YES AND YES WE TRY TO PUT DOWN SOME MORE BUT!!!!Ron and I closed the place at the new Spot and Ski down with the red coats right there BEHIND US>>>> Took the 990 down back to Walts then straight home.....

Monday, April 21, 2014

111 LDS W/ Ron,Andy,Mandy and AJ

THXS ANDY!! It was GREAT!!!!

110 Super Saturday...Getting ready for LDS

What a DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

109 Work/Ski Thursday

Started Work but decided to go Ski instead of Lunch at QED with our team....Luckily I had my Boots and everything else was already up....Got a ride up with Matt...He Also had 420 for us

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

108 Monday with One Scott

Chef Scott had to Work....:( Pharris and I head up around 09:30....SUN But Still Cold....Todays Theme? Every run gets Better!!!!!Carve Alert and Creamy/Dreamy all day Long!!! After First Break we run into and Ski with Walt!!!Thx for the Pics....After Skiing we Hit Black Bear...It was GOOD!!
2014-04-1411:06:20Eagle Express I1500
2014-04-1413:03:38Eagle Express I1500
2014-04-1414:04:48Eagle Express I1500
2014-04-1414:56:34Eagle Express I1500

Monday, April 14, 2014

107 Phil Fog Lunch

Biked to the mouth, Seen Ed from Boston on the way up...That was nice(missed him last year) At the mouth here comes Phil and Scott(I've been at the mouth everytime Scott came up BCC This Year!!!)YEA!!!We Get to the Beach....Brighton Cloud hanging around for most of the day....Ski School was having Clinics Too....That s always FUN!!!WE SKIED THE BAD HARD STUFF UP TOP AND The Creamy/Dreamy on the Beam and Apex...IT WAS GREAT AFTER ALL!!! Fun Skiing with the Boys!! Plus the Boys later on....ThX for the Bonus Double Run and the ride back down.....:)
2014-04-1309:42:53Eagle Express I15002014-04-1310:23:00Moonbeam6752014-04-1310:30:29Apex8802014-04-1310:37:05Apex8802014-04-1310:45:08Moonbeam6752014-04-1311:43:32Eagle Express I15002014-04-1313:50:52Moonbeam6752014-04-1313:57:24Moonbeam6752014-04-1314:24:25Moonbeam6752014-04-1314:50:02Moonbeam6752014-04-1315:00:29Apex8802014-04-1315:08:50Apex8802014-04-1315:20:41Moonbeam6752014-04-1315:28:24Powderhorn1116Total1584685

106 Last Bus AND Super Busy Sat

Last Bus on Bike Up....SAD FACE!!!! Ron already at the Locker.... Beer, Bud and Brothers!!One and Done on Peruvian...Jr Extreme Comp was going on BUT!! Tunnel open, Sidewalk Closed....Lets hit the Spot....Slow to Go but Well worth it!!  Racing and Ski Schools Groups everywhere!!!IT WAS FUN!!!! We Stayed on G-Zoom for the rest of the day with one top to Bottom from little Cloud....Then the last runs on Welbere....TALK ABOUT CREAMY/DREAMY!!! Biked down to the Spot where we hang around playing bone drums until dark....Stayed overnite at Andys