Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 14 Bad Traffic going up BCC!! Went to the Bird

With My gear from the mouth, Now the Red Skis are up at the Locker....
Biked from Moms to Ft Union were I caught the 953, Got a Schedule too

Ski Day 13 Back to the NERD!

Where to Start? At the Beginning! Yesterday was one of those days that I realize how lucky I am..
Bike to the mouth of BCC were Terry pulls up and says "Going UP?" Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm headed to the Nerd,... Grab a Breakfast Burrito "You've been here before, Your quick with the Black Diamond Order".... What a beauty and We have a mutual friend...... Matt from Hampshire.....
Walk up the the Sign holding My Signs.....
We got a Family Turn BacK!!!!!!!!!YES!!!! Sunny, Grant, Mom and Dad !!! YEA!!!!! You made My Day now lets talk SNOWBIRD!!!!! "We remember you from last year waiting for the Bus",... The Epic 2 Plus Hour Delay,.. And It was OK cause you were there to make it OK "Here comes the Bus!"
Best Ride Up the Canyon so far this Season,.... (OK, Maybe Ana cause She turned back too)
Lee at the Portico "Rons here since 09:30" THX Lots of hi and goodmornings, Including a Killer Skier "I gave you a ride to the "B", You Do Ride those little Guys like WTF?"!!! THX...Down to the Spot,.. The usual plus I have My hand saw..... YEA! Next I see Ron at the Upper Spot,... We got a new entrance,.... We took a run past Gad2,... Not Open BUT DID OPEN ABOUT 14:45.......I BLEW MY WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not near as Cold as the last few days,...... FIRST RIDE DOWN ON THE 953,... Walked up to it
Another nice ride down this time getting stickers and talking Snowbird with the Parking Lot friend,... "Wheres Ron"?.... Yup..... At the mouth its getting a little dark when Jeff from Ski School Stops by just to say Hi and that Summit Opens TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2016


Biked to Walts from Moms,.... First time this year! 2 Pushes then a 2005 Tacoma,... THX CLAY!!!
Down to the Spot (Not taking the Tram for a Warm up) Leave My Pack and enjoy how nice its looking,.....Even had My hand saw and did a little maintenence
Next up to the upper Spot,... Looking Great Too!!!! Got to Ski Welbere (3) and even took a Tram lap down Reg. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gadzoom Super,... "They announced lift openings, BUT NOT LITTLE!" DAM
Got a ride down with Nick, Nate and Eathon from Hampshire "You Know MATT"? HA 
"Where is the Swamp Lot"? I'll show you,........ Quiet, Cold day

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ski Day 11 Solitude AND Brighton

Thank you for the ride up.... You seen Me riding up Ft Union, You waited almost 4 mins while I lock My Bike and grab My Ski Gear........ Then the First of 3 Bubbler Sessions,......EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Run into and Ski with Phil and a little with Big "B"
BEAUTIFUL Sundog,.... Snowboarder Phil and James,... We had a little Posse
DOUBLE!!!! Thx for the ride up to the "B" Phil
First GW And Snake Creek
"Your That Guy"! (Snowbird Short Skis Skier)
"You made my Day"!!!!!!!! THX!
"My Wife seen You Skiing and was Very Impressed"! THX Great Afternoon at the "B"
Got a sweet ride down with a Propane Truck Delivery Truck,..... LOVED IT!!!!!
Can't forget the "Hi and Here have a Pizza Slice" THX Dave !!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pic Drop from last weekend

Early Season spot under the Summer Road
Looking over at GW
Thought I had more

Day 10 Solo Monday

Thx for the ride up Ri..... Another Brighton Ski School Instructor
Thx for the ride down Matt (Electrician working on the Roundhouse) You were the first Car at the Soli Bridge, Good info on whats going on up there (9.5 Hours due to waiting for the slopes to clear)
First time to the Old Spot....... Looks Sunny but not the same. First Apex with Rob, Terry and Randy

Eagle Express I

Day 9 First Sunday/Funday

10:09AMEagle Express I1,50010:23AMMoonbeam67510:30AMMoonbeam67510:41AMEagle Express I1,50011:14AMEagle Express I1,50011:26AMEagle Express I1,50011:46AMEagle Express I1,50011:58AMEagle Express I1,50012:09PMEagle Express I1,50012:21PMEagle Express I1,50012:32PMEagle Express I1,5001:02PMEagle Express I1,5001:11PMEagle Express I1,5001:21PMEagle Express I1,5001:33PMEagle Express I1,5001:44PMEagle Express I1,5001:56PMEagle Express I1,5002:06PMEagle Express I1,5002:35PMEagle Express I1,5002:46PMEagle Express I1,5002:59PMEagle Express I1,500