Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black Diamond Swap and Warren Miller

GOT MY BOOTS!!!!317 Rossi White Beauties $40.00 GIFTS from Above.... Thx Boss for the Movie ticket TOO!!! Biked to BD, Seen Snowbird Ski Patrol, Matt, Megan, Joe and Scarlett...Plus Nerd Lifty and Soli Teacher who did'nt know about Deer Valley????????...."We are moving to Cody, WY"Ouch! later Lee, Travis B and Jr Ski Host from Snowbird....Came home, Took a Nap then Rode to Scott Pharris....Code not good to enter ..."Your looking for Scott Pharris"THX....Next Scott gets Eric to come down and join us, We walk to the Movie, They get tickets but no Passes...I Meet Marc for the First half...He isnt coming back in but does have a good Beer for us...We meet and head back in with no idea of were we are sitting....Stayed over @ Scotts, Rode home via the Millcreek Garden Park...Came home, got the boots, Put Stickers on and head to Wendys before Andys..."Whats up World Traveler?" That was funny.....Perfect Day All day...Warm with Golden light

Monday, October 13, 2014

Soli to Snowbird

The Salon is not Club Attitude....Funny telling the kids who are applying for Jobs...I walked right past the deal and made my own dealio at the Village....$261.00.......I own a Soli and Nerd Unlimited
The BCC was great BUT!!!
Next was the Hike up and out to Alta...It took longer then coming in from LCC
It was pretty dark hiking threw Grizz, Black out at the Locker....
Next Morning was the day of the YEAR! SO CLEAR
Had my own Coffee, Next was the Necklace Tree and planting Lefty
Did IT!!!Plus many Bonus Necklaces
Transformer Tree
Then there was the Sunset...Thanks for the ride down Jamie

Monday, October 6, 2014

Snowbird to Solitude Via Grizzly Gulch

DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one Hike I've always wanted to do.....Started with leaving my Bike at Andys and walking up Ft Union (I was wearing my Helmet too??) GOT MY GLOVES BACK! All I had to do was ask....Walked to the mouth, Got a ride from Joey who came back for me....Got a ride from Guru Dave at the Mouth of LCC....Missed seeing Ron, Took a Lap on Peruvian...Crashed near the Spot to make sure I go to Grizzly Gulch...DID IT! Got Breakfast at the Fork Lift, Seen Erin...Seen Zak from the Spot early...Next up to and threw Alta..."You Ski Utah? I Ski Utah!"MATT Ski School having a Breakfast Meeting....Up Grizzly
Soon I'm passing a Moose and hitting the Summit, Nice place to Stop,Highway to Heaven!Summit down the Fog Lunch
"What are you People Doing?".............Funny wearing the Green with a name tag.........."Get to WORK"! Thx for the ride down D and Fam....Stayed at Andys overnight....Niners and Broncos WON!!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

DV Buys Solitude

I guess I'm looking forward to PC People coming over for a day?????
Solitude Mountain Resort is incredibly excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement of purchase with Deer Valley Resort, with operations beginning on May 1, 2015. For the upcoming 2014-15 ski season, Solitude will operate as usual under the leadership of the DeSeelhorst family. We are excited about this new venture and look forward to expanding the Solitude brand along with Deer Valley. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Thoughts on Vail and One Wasatch

Now that Vail is behind One it will be on the fast track!!
Some good Rumors....Vail moves their Corporate Headquarters to Park City(Canyons)
Powdr buys Alta and the rest of Snowbird....Buys a letter E and Moves from PC to Holladay Valley, 
Now  Sugarloaf and Supreme are for Skiers only!!!
Golden Boy FINALLY leaves my resort to rejoin Vail...
Brighton Adds 2 New Quads paid for by Vail...Doubling their Acres 

Friday, August 22, 2014

First day of OctoberFest AND

Two days of Bliss with Ron....We wake up here and ride our bikes to the Bus....Just before White Pine we are stopped while a Helicopter unloads...Next Stop after we park our bikes...ThrowOut!!! What a terrible ride up... I needed so we took a Break and Rest at the Spot....Got on the rides by about 11:30.......Alpine Slide was the Funnest!!! Mt Coaster OK....Also rode the SCARRY Flyer ,....Plus Ron did the Drop thing TWICE!!!ME NO!!!! 
This was where we really get Going....Meet Jonathon and Friends who worked Welbere Lift years ago...."We loved it when you came threw!!!!!Closes at 4:20 and Little Cloud Junior!!!" They got us drinks and next we are hanging out with them and other new Friends.....BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!! Thx for the Fun and Picture ....:) Now its getting dark and we need to hike up to camp Bliss.....NO PROB.!!
Wake up and head down to the Spot....Now known as the Kings Thrown !!! We Did IT!!!! Moved a Granite slab to form our Very Cool Chair!!!!Next to Andys to watch a Horrible 49ers Vs Denver....Best part was the New Stadium.....Later Andy feed us and get threw his first real fight with Mandy.....LOVED THIS WEEKEND!!!!