Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Weekend with Bear at Scotts

It was GREAT! (Save the jr mess on Scotts Bed) Its nice to escape Spring Lane....
Back in the saddle
33rd and 9th
Oly from Liberty Park
Oly from Hawthorne Elementary.... (This is were JZ works, I seen Her!!!!!)
From Black Diamonds store front looking up at....
Oly from Holladay City Hall
 Bike and Shadows
From near the Post Office
Famous Home Shot

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NEW OSPEREY! Mandy,Andy and I went to Cortez Co

Weds to Sunday with a bonus Neil Young concert......
YUP!!!!!!!!!!! Got a new one shipped to Moms from Ogden, Ut,... It was home
Mesa Verde on the way in (Thu)
WOW!! World heritage site
Andy and Mandy
Sun Temple
On the way to Telluride
Sub Mt
Big Mt Timp
Above Ouray
Above the falls
Very Cool
Silverton...... Back to Ridgeway and finally threw the San Rafael Swell

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CORTEZ CO!!!!!!! And Pics from the Lost Weekend

From Saratoga Ca to Cortez Co Andy, Mandy and I are driving from Salt Lake to Cortez Co to drop off my Pack for repair/replace
Its been with me everyday/Skiday since 2004
 — Specially when I got rid of My Ride
 Start Sat
Quarry trail up
I blew my Whistle LOUD!  I'm looking forward to Ski School AND Summer Mt Biking on the Lifts!!!!!!!!
Sat PM with the Scotts!
New Wall at the Old SkiPatrol Shack
Red Tram
It keeps getting better up top
We walked down
What a SHOW! Clouds,Mountains and COLORS!!!!!!!!
This one hit the Spot
We hit the rides
Tram up and down
Thanks for the great Weekend R. Scott!!!!
Biked down in the Snow!!! Thx Employee for stopping! Nice to see Erin and Janice.. Got two HUGS

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Welcome Oct 2016

Now its really less then a Month til,,,,,
The 'B' Celebrates 80,..... Not a word.................?
A-Basin turns 70,.... And promoting this fact!
Even Bear turns 50,.... Yup, Loud and proud because its COOL!!!!!!!
Soli raised their season passes by 30.00,... This is just annoying!!! (BCC Same and thank you Marc!)

I'm glad Sept and Petlz and done!!! Back to work next Monday
Phase 3 complete
Nerd NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mt Oly and a BIG FULL MOON Tonight

2 Weeks plus since My Bike fall and Petzl....Finally feeling much better........Plus a Nice paycheck
My Mt.   So Beautiful last night....... You don't look east every morning wanting to get up there!!!

Why I'm So Lucky....

(This was unpublished from over a year ago)
Work..... Yesterday was a another nice day working with my Boss,.... Thx for the paycheck, Bonus, Contacting the Man and generally making my life MUCH BETTER!!!!! Even taking on some new projects when our Company and Shop is supposed to be wrapping it up,....THANK YOU!!!!!

The Man....Biked from Home Depot to the Bar...(I was going to make a call but) You got any extra beads? "YUP!" THREE BAGS plus some cozies that you can write your name on,..... YES!!!
Next we take a little ride and come back with more Bags!!!!!!!!!!!You too make my life BETTER!

Mom, Dad and Living on Spring Lane....... I LOVE IT!!!! Its close to everything important to me Plus MOM,.... I LOVE YOU MORE THEN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Skiing....... On my 1 Year since the brake..... Ron sends a VERY nice message,... Love my Bliss Brother and fellow lover of a good time on the Mountain,... PLUS DAM GOOD SKIER!!!!!
Same Day I get a Valentine from the Ski Host at the front Door, Find a Necklace and nice note from Lee and Jack on my Locker!!! More love from the Nerd Ski Hosts!!!!!!!!