Monday, May 18, 2015

Extreme climber Dean Potter dies in Yosemite BASE jumping accident:

Extreme climber Dean Potter dies in Yosemite BASE jumping accident:

This happened near where we Hiked, Taft Point v Dewey Point

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I even Balanced on my Right Leg Using Ski Poles from the Skiers Edge Machine...(Bonnie said I can hit that Bump Machine soon!!) Won't be long until I Walk full Strength. Next PT is Weds, I'm riding my Bike There.....
Mom and Mt Olympus, I LOVE YOU BOTH! Yesterday was a Cloud Show......
The Spot in all its Glory

Monday, May 11, 2015

LDS Nerd Style....

Last Day Skiing....Thank You Phil for the ride up and Good Goodies, Julie and Travis for the Handoff of the Non-Skier and Blue Ribbon Season! Amy for the Great Company (We both Love Mammoth) And the Ride down...As we are leaving the Plaza “Are you a member of the Bliss Posse? Yes I am
Missed Skiing and Finishing the Season with Ron..”Bliss Brother” and The Best Powder Skier I Know!

Seen Many Friends, Missed many more (Seen One Fog, Scott) Gave away lots of Beads, I have some Left (I still have yours J.Z.) Even Gave Gu Ru Dave a Mazda Emblem and Necklace....Now that Ski Season is Over here in Utah, I usually retreat to my Room, Close all the windows, Lock the Door, Open the Calender to November 2015, Turn off the lights and Wait.....Not This Off Season,...It Starts Today
What Starts Today? I'm meeting Jay Dash @ 4:20, We are going to have a Photo Shoot @ the Mouth of LCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay took 104 Pics...I brought 2 pairs of Skis,Boots and Poles. Wore Pink tights, Rei Magenta Pull over with matching Headband ....Didn't ware the DV Green or the Leather Boger...We set up at the Welcome Sign, Perfect Weather...Lots of Smiles "Come On Gregg, Pick me Up" Plus I commented on all Cars and Bikers....It was great!! Got home by 7:00

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Neighbor puts Banner on our side of the Fence

What do I do?....Ask Dad why He gave permission to hang such a ....WHAT? You didn't give permission?? This LADY just puts it on our SIDE OF THE MUTUAL FENCE??!!!!
Monday Morning this is what I see and do First.............Add the Closed Disk

She Don't get it.....Weds evening I dig post holes and get ready for this....(THX PHIL)
It stayed up all day Thursday
Friday Morning its gone....Soooooo I take down my Banner too...Gotta get this Gem of a Pic first !!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Reno Pics

Great Salt Flats near Wendover

Reno Mission Accomplished

On the Road Home We stopped at the Truckee River

Roxanne was having Fun taking Pics of the Letters on the Mountains outside of the Little Nevada Towns, Then sending these to her Niece and Nephew, A Fun Game while we Drive Home...

Reno Trip with Mom and Roxanne

Mom (Burke is writing this) has not heard from her oldest Granddaughter Jennifer, Who might as well be Moms youngest Daughter, in over a year and a half,...Moms letters to her have been returned with no forwarding Address available,...Finally last Monday she got the Address where Jennifer is staying in Reno, NV. (From Jennifers Friends Mom) She was ready to go right then and told Dad lets go.... NOW!!!...Dad "We are not going until the Coach is ready for a long Road Trip"...Mom and I though maybe a Family member might want to do an Out and Back Road Trip?( I looked into renting a Car), Then Roxanne calls Weds and says she has some time off .. Lets go Friday Morning and Return ??? Mom and I never told Dad we are going cause He would only tell Mom NO, You CANNOT GO.... with no explanation...
Friday Morning Roxanne comes over around 09:00 and goes in the front Door to see and tell Dad we are going to Reno....OPPS, We never mentioned Dad had no Idea we ARE Going... He told Roxanne
“Mom can't go”!
Mom and I are Ready to go, We load the Car... Next Stop Salt Flats for some Pics, Wells for Fuel, Elko for Food, Fernley for Fuel, Check in at Sparks Motel around 5:00...We then head up the Hill to Knock on Jennifer's House about 5:30 (North Reno, Lemon Valley Area), Darrin Answers (Jennifer's roommate and best friend)...He Looked Shocked! We asked to see Jenn, He will be right back, After a few minutes He returned to say “Jenn is Crying, She can't see you now...Can you come back Tomorrow?” Yes We can “09:00 or 10:00?” OK, We will be back at 10:00 am.. We then took the 395 South all way thru Reno to Washoe Valley, There is a new Freeway and a BIG, Beautiful Bridge,..Very Nice!! We also stopped at and Quickly left the Peppermill Casino, This is the only time We spent being Tourists....The next day we are back up at Jennifer's House right at 10:00 am...Only Mom went to the Door and knocked Hard....No answer, She tries again, Still no luck,. Mom has a check (Proceeds from Land in Fountain Green that came from Moms Dad), This is a Legacy and would have went to Larinda, All us Kids got one (Thanks MOM!!) Her and Roxanne slip a letter and the Check under the Front
Door .....We are outta Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next Stop Truckee river for more Pics, Next Fuel and Starbucks in Fernley...The rest of the drive back was sooo nice, Even though it rained almost the whole time ,Roxanne wanted and did take Pictures of the Local Town Letters on the Mountains...FUN and Funny!!! We also Stopped a 2nd time at Costa Vida in Elko for Lunch where we met “Kenny” The founder of This Restaurant Chain...We arrived back in SLC about 9:00 PM (Roxanne still had to drive to Utah County) Thank You Mom and Roxanne for a VERY Pleasant Trip …...We never seen Jennifer BUT did meet our Goal...OUT AND BACK Delivery