Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 57 Brads Day w/Andy

We went by "B"s Spot on our way up, Dropped 2 Necklaces and Cry...."We wish you and Caroline could Ski today too!?"...............................Kinda Sunny....Kinda Wet and a Little wind too....We didn't drink to much and did have Lunch.....Thanks for passing by Smiths and the Nice Session Too Andy....I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!
2015-01-2910:59:39Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2911:10:56Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2912:21:24Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2913:32:07Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2913:45:14Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2913:57:59Eagle Express I1500

Day 56 Ladies Day @Soli

DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More Later
2015-01-2809:35:47Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2810:18:02Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2810:29:06Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2810:59:11Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2811:23:56Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2812:40:07Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2812:54:21Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2814:00:41Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2814:13:14Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2814:25:35Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2814:41:26Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2814:58:07Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2815:15:09Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2815:42:04Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2815:57:29Eagle Express I1500

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 55 Super Sunny Monday

Biked to the Bus at 13th East, Bike on Bus, Bike at the Plaza for the day"Hi Burke" Its Brandon coming out of Christys....Later Estevan and I ski...He then joins B at Peruvian later after we hit the Spot..."I Like your Turns" How did he even know it was me???Funny seeing those lines still there from last Weds.....Added a Bunch More!!!PERFECT!!Nice Warm Ride down canyon to Arctic Circle

Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 54 Sunny/Warm Sunday

What a nice DAY!!! Super Soft first run to the last run.....THEY GROOMED SUNDANCER!!!!!!!!
Thats My Run!! It Skied Sooooo Goooooood! Biked from here to Andys, He wasnt home...So I get my Gear and Bike to the mouth...Here comes the 962,YEA!! Got on the Beam at 09:40......Summer road stash then.....CARVE-A-LERT! Even the Mono said "Looking Good" Nice Fog Lunch Thanks Kurt....Back to Walking up to the Bus down.....Great Timing
2015-01-2510:11:07Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2510:20:20Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2510:30:16Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2510:39:40Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2510:51:01Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2511:05:55Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2511:17:51Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2511:46:09Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2512:03:29Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2512:16:46Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2513:32:13Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2514:00:58Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2514:21:32Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2514:41:55Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2514:52:30Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2515:05:28Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2515:18:40Eagle Express I1500

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 53 Back to the Nerd

Pleasant ride to the mouth of BCC,Catch the 10:30 990 Arrive on P-Dawg about 11:15?"I Seen You at Solitude Yesterday" Thanks Josh nice chat up talking about Skiing. At the Tunnel"Morning B"here,MBX,G-2,G-Zoom and Finally Little Cloud"Thank God for the Quad" and "Where You Been, I was Looking for You" ....LOVE THE NERD! Later it FINALLY warmed up for the Showcase Lines....Utah Co Steve"You made those lines today?" And "I can even break threw to make any lines" HA!!!! Later We are riding up "Nice Work on the lines, It should be the pic of the day" THX, Glad Steve was there to here that Too....Even had a great time playing with the Fun balls from the Top of Reg. That was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice ride back Home

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 52 Outdoor comes to Solitude

To MY Mountain!!!Met 2 of Rons friends on the Bus ride up,Mike and Al, Told them about OR , Al called a friend who had passes for them....Hope they made it up?There was a Line on Double....Do we have to use the single Line??No Double or Triples came through on the Ride Data....SUCKS!
Busy on the Bowl...Skier Traffic was VERY WEIRD! People Stopping and Coming right onto the Runs w/o Looking....Seen Sponge Bob and rode up with Patrick...Later Skiing the Bumps "Stop There" Its Scott and Eric, We hit the Spot and took a couple of Apexs (The race course was groomed with a skif of Delicious on Top)BACK TO DOUBLE!! The Boys took off and I was joined by 2 more...Brandon and a youngster I remember Skiing with ALOT! (Back in the day I asked if he wanted a Beer?"I'm only 17" O SHIT! never mind) That was one of those moments when I realized I always Ski with the youngsters....We had a GREAT Bump OFF!!!!Walked up to both the 960 up and down....What a GREAT DAY!! Work? Nope delayed again...? Guess I'm hitting the Nerd today???
Got the real Goods now
2015-01-2010:42:36Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2010:53:25Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2011:03:17Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2011:13:38Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2011:24:49Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2011:35:32Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2012:07:11Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2012:51:49Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2013:17:37Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2013:32:45Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2013:49:28Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2014:23:42Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2014:39:35Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2014:55:46Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-2015:15:40Eagle Express I1500

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 51 MLK @Soli

Overcast and a pretty dang Cold!! Brought out the Black Blades....YES THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!
Ran into and Skied with Chef Scott again!! Nice AM session....PM BUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Ready for Showtime Today!!!!!!!!!! Vertical not registering on Triple Or Double TWO.....Of Course I Skied past 13:17....I Skied until about 15:30..........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2015-01-1909:02:50Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1909:38:14Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1909:51:44Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1910:03:57Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1910:19:02Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1910:51:23Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1911:33:37Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1911:47:43Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1912:01:20Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1912:48:29Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1913:01:03Eagle Express I1500
2015-01-1913:17:02Eagle Express I1500