Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 5 Bonus Monday

Woke up to Canyon Closed.....INTERLODGE!!!!! OK.....I called and got a late checkout so we had Breakfast Buffet....That was nice!! Got to the locker before Noon , Amy met and hung out with her friends, We Skied to the Spot......"BURKE?" Its Scott, He joined us for some Stacked Salad and first 2 Runs with a Bonus Video....THANKS!! Next we run into and Ski with Utah Co. Steve....We hit Mid-Gad for next session....Psia had clinics as did the Nerds Extreme Jr Skiers....Funny hittin the Bumps hard just for them.....Back at the Locker Amy is there with her Car ready to take us down THX!!!!!!!All the Way to Andys.......................BEST OPENER EVER!!!!!!

Day 4 Sunday...Wow!!!

"We Have been waiting FIVE Months for this....A Killer Snow Storm!!!"Woke up Sunday to Road Closed, Mountain Closed, We are to Lazy and Beat to get right out in it....So I went and Extended our Room one more Night....YEA!!!Ron and Amy Love this!!We Finally Leave...Amy needed some gear from her Car,"Valet cannot get into the Garage" Wow....So we had Breakfast at the fork Lift, Then
 head out with out Her....Turns out there was a Large Slide that prevented G-Zoom from Opening until about 13:00...Dumped the whole time...Heads worked Well...Big Feet OK but Tiring!!! Ron found a New Spot at Mid Gad, Well Done! Soo Much Snow that Alta Never Opened????HA!!! Back to the Room We CRASH!!!!!Amy, "You Guys are in Bed, Taking up all the Room and Snoring...I wanted to take a Pic but instead decided to go to Dinner....Bartender"You know Burke?"Public Safety comes by"We Love Burke and Don" Well OK Ron.......Again, WOW!!!!

Day 3 Saturday..."What Happened?"

Some Much.... Where to Start??Only Ron and I go out Skiing, Amy stayed in the room...The Line was sooooo longgggggg, We Go Slow and enjoy our day.....We Went to the Tram Club with the Cain and Abel(Jeff)POSSE!!!!!!WE DRINK ALOT!!!Next to the Room, Up to the roof....Lady Says"We have the 3rd Floor Pool for you guys SOOOOOOO IT WAS GOOD!!! Singing and Laughing!!! "You Ski the Small Skis,..We are in the presence of a Legend!" YEA!!!! More Laughing and Singing.....Talking heads and Pappa Roach!! Back to the Room...Ron forgot his Shirt to he wraps a Scarf that looks like a Haltertop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posse goes back to the Tram Club...I Crash and Forget to unlock the Door...Later Ron is Banging so hard they call PS...Still Could Not GET IT!!!! ME IDIOT!!!! But worked well, Jeff got a Room...Amy some how changed clothes and Crashes on the leather Couch....PS Woke and asked Her "What is She doing?"... "I don't Know" Then My Name Comes up "You know Burke? We can't get into his Room But" They go to the Posses Room..."Can you please come and Get this Lady?" YUP...I see them walking past Ron .....Halter Top and all...FUNNY!!!!!!!Later Jeff mentions "Ron and Cain are both Banging the Ladies....We are just Laughing!!!!!!!Its a Sex Party" Finally I realize to open the Door, Ron then Amy come in around 4:20 AM..................What Happened? Its the Lost Weekend...................

Day 2 "One Piece Friday" @Solitude

Wake up at Andys...Walk to the mouth, Just past Butler Hill Lidia stops and Gets me all the way to Moon Beam THXS!! So nice to see her....Hippe Chick! Get Hi and Smiles right there!! Seen G and the Fogs, Ryan in the Brown Bag area...Mike and Mark are moving Furniture...."DV already moving in?" HA!!! Head to the Beam about 09:05...Top of the Stairs I say Hi to Marvin, Golden Boy and Mt Ops..."You Ski Snowbird yesterday?"Me "Yes","You made their front page"...THXS! Its all about the Beam now....PCTV is taking Pics and Doing an Interview"Whats your story?" Me "Its good to be Home and Onepiece Friday!!" The Snow was EXCELLENT!!! Sunny,warm, nice day....Skied with the Fogs"Is it 10:30 drink off yet?" LETS GO!!! back at the parking lot for first break, Run into the Scotts and Eric.....Ski Time plus Onepiece Friday....They took off early... Here Comes Andy! We Ski until 13:30...Then he took me to the mouth of LCC and took my gear back to the Garage....BIG TIME THX!!!!There is Ron at the Locker, Later Amy Joins Us....Better late then never...We drive her Car and Valet it....Next we do go to the Roof Spa and after to El Chante.....NEXT......Really "WHAT HAPPENED????????????????????" I Told Ron "Buddhist not Nudist" The Lost Weekend

Day One 13:00-16:00 Thursday at the NERD

FINALLY!!!!!!and Finally got to the Slopes about 13:10 Or so after meeting with the Rain Gutter Guy, Biked to Walts and Hitched from there....I was just in front of Ron...WE SKI!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Hi and Happy Faces!!!!!!!!!Ski with Utah Co Steve"Hoppy Walked!" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Seen Amy for the First Time"You Ski So Sexy" THX !!! Talk about a condensed Drinking Party!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hitched to the swap lot and then biked back to Andys

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Opening Weekend....Finally!!!!!!!

Soli DIDn't open on the 14th..............?Suxs!!!! They pushed back and are staying with Nov 21st....The B opened yesterday with only Majestic and Xplorer ....Ron almost went for Veterans day BUT we painted instead and Finished!!! Well almost but ready for gutters!!!!(Met with Home Depot, Looks good to go!).. Back to Opening Weekend, Nerd was to Open Sat.  Moved it to Friday with a Bonus preview Thursday 13:00-16:00 for Pass holders and Employees..DANG, Looks like I'm working?..........Funny how with these changes Ron and I went from Waiting to....Holy Shit it got BUSY!!! Got a room at the Cliff for Friday and Sat.....Not opening day anymore BUT will still be the Weekend!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black Diamond Swap and Warren Miller

GOT MY BOOTS!!!!317 Rossi White Beauties $40.00 GIFTS from Above.... Thx Boss for the Movie ticket TOO!!! Biked to BD, Seen Snowbird Ski Patrol, Matt, Megan, Joe and Scarlett...Plus Nerd Lifty and Soli Teacher who did'nt know about Deer Valley????????...."We are moving to Cody, WY"Ouch! later Lee, Travis B and Jr Ski Host from Snowbird....Came home, Took a Nap then Rode to Scott Pharris....Code not good to enter ..."Your looking for Scott Pharris"THX....Next Scott gets Eric to come down and join us, We walk to the Movie, They get tickets but no Passes...I Meet Marc for the First half...He isnt coming back in but does have a good Beer for us...We meet and head back in with no idea of were we are sitting....Stayed over @ Scotts, Rode home via the Millcreek Garden Park...Came home, got the boots, Put Stickers on and head to Wendys before Andys..."Whats up World Traveler?" That was funny.....Perfect Day All day...Warm with Golden light