Tuesday, May 24, 2016

132 2nd to the last WET Sunday

Bike to Walts from Andys,   Got a ride up from Scott,... Thank You!!!!!
My Theme for this Wet Weekend is the Lost Weekend,... Got a nice PM session with SnowBoarder and Lifty Lara,.... Your from Finland,... THXS!!!!Got a ride down from Ryan, (Iron Blossom) Brought the Ladies down,........

131 Rain at Gad-Zoom,... Snow at the Center

Bike from Andys to Walts,... Get a ride from Phils friend Kirk,....Wear My rain Gear including the Yellow pants,..... Gad 2 AM, Little PM,.. It Finally got Real Good @14:00 or So,..., Thx for the ride down Scott

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Work is Working Out!!!!

This is our latest Project up Immigration Canyon
This was part One from a few seasons back
Very hidden Roof

I'm sure feeling BlesseD!!!!!!!!!!!! Boss gave a Nice Preroll to add to Tys Juice Final day Skiing,.. Plus Gave some Liquied Fun to add to the very last Mushroom Cloud

Monday, May 16, 2016

129 Ride Up and Down with Gregg T-100!!!!

FOUND MY COW BELLS! ,.....Another Stormy Sunday like last Sunday, Bike from Andys to Walts via Dans, A little rainy but stopped by the time I hit the Bus Stop, Only One Double Push,... AND Cow Bells, Missed them last night on the bike ride down,... BUT!! Yea Budda!!!!!! Down at Creekside a Dad of 2 Devo Kids said congrats on Powder and asked "How many Days"? Kids 45 and 55 him 65 or so, Out in the RAIN,.  I'm wearing the Rain Coat and Red OnePiece,. Hit the Spot, After a couple of Laps on Little and then down to Gad 2,.. I see and Ski with Colton, Michelle and Mike from Brighton Later Gregg joins Us and I head Back to Little, Great Session on all Super Soft EVERYWHERE!!!!! Head down maybe the last time out on the lower Ski Bridge,... THX AGAIN G

128 Bike up with Ritch!! Thank You!!!

Maybe the Best Sat. Spring Day this Season? Gadzoom ride up with Lydia!!! Hit the Spot, Head down to Gad 2 to get it over with, Run into and Ski with Everyone!!!! Lots of His and even some Photos with the Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bike Down

Saturday, May 14, 2016

127 Friday after a Full Week OFF, Plus Pepper Day and Friday the 13th,....

Very Nice Sunny,WARM DAY!!! No One had been up Skiing since last Sunday,.... So It was Creamy/Dreamy right away!!! Guru got me at the swamp lot,... (I didn't have my sign out yet) THX Dave,...At the Locker Room Jack and others "You got get back up and work on your lines"Yes I DO!! Get to Gadzoom before they opened,... Ride up with Utah Co. Stephen ,We hit his Spot,... On to Little then down to Gad 2 to get that over with, Run into and Ski with Rockin Scott, Big B, Brighton,Gregg and Jimmiee,... We take a couple laps then head to Little Gad, then hit the Spot,... Back to Little and my Turns,.... Nice HARD Session with Brighton under Little Gad and Double Nerd,.... Hit the Spot Twice, Ut Co Stephen there twice Plus getting our bags and heading down,.. Walked up to the locker via the bridge,.... VAN RIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX J! And Co-Riders,... GET HIM All Four SAID!!!!!!! Talked to Lara who is from Finland, Her Dad is named Pekka like Pekka,.... The swap lot sign worked again!!! J is from New Hampshire,"You Know Matt"? Maine, Virginia and Exotic Finland