Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunrise this Morning.... Summit Chair, And Moms Meeting

Busy Weekend! Even seen Walter and the Scotts at "The Royal" Rode there Via a Bike ride with Ron to Andys, Then to Sandy,....Katy Perry and Colby Callie were playing the Sandy Amphitheater.....Lots o Ladies... Everyone Liked what the Travel Trailer Looked like after Ron cleared it out!!!! THANK YOU RON!!!!! Julie wants the Ref., Plus She already took the Plastic Sink and News Paper from April 1982, It was a Very Nice Family Meeting, THX MOM!!
Good Morning from Holladay Valley, Ut
We Got a Summit Chair Yesterday, Chair #4,....Before that Marc and I took a ride up the Summer Road (Stopped at the Big Logs) Over to and down the Serenity Single Track, .....We were #3 in line and got Chair 4    Jeff from Ski School was First in line and #1 on the List....(Marc #68) " I have Pics of You from Last Day when I dressed up like you" HA!!!!!! " Hey Burke, I Look and Say Nope"....FUNNY!   I Biked back up to Shady Lane where I Parked my Bike... Got 2 Necklaces off the Old Moonbeam tree.... Up to the Spot where I stash (On the Mother Tree) Chris W.s Crystals......I Hung out for a Long Time....Moved a Few things then stopped again before riding down past Double, Threw Silver Fork, On the Road and down to Andys..."Burke" Lots of Drivers,...... Got to enjoy an Ice cold Busch NA......................

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6 Months ago my life changed

I Quite abusing Alcohol and Cheap Beer,... Like Ron said while riding up LCC to the Nerd last Saturday "Everything is so much easier when you don't Drink" Yup,..... No 18 Pack-0-Natty Lights to drag around while trying to ride my Bike,....Not worrying about stashing the Beer stash.....Skiing all day instead of drinking.....I'm ready for the Best Ski Season Ever!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tour of Utah with Ronnieeeeeeeeee

What a Bike Ride and DAY!!!!!!!! ThX Ron!!!!!! I started from Moms to Rons (First Leg), We Rode up the Quarry Trail to the Spot 2nd Leg)....We ended up removing Rocks and Jr Stumps,.... Building on our Legacy!!! From here to Entrance One (3rd Leg)
"I was thinking about Snowbird, Then I seen you 2 Snowbird Skiers" Mt Biker on the Quarry Trail
"You Ski Solitude and Snowbird on Little Skis"   Yes I Do!
"You Win" OK????
Finally, Went to Andys Via the Mouth of BCC

Monday, July 27, 2015

PICS from Pioneer Day

Ron and I's Throne
The new Lodge....Top-O-Hidden
Snow near the top of Peruvian
Big Mt Trail and Down LCC
The Spot from the top of Sego Lily Drive
Hounds Tooth Looking Good feeling Good....Heading to Rons

Sunday, July 26, 2015


On Pioneer day at 4:20....Where to Start??
At the End.... Stayed over night at Rons. Seen him and his friend at the mouth with Walter...Thats LUCKY!!!"I wanna meet your friend" ...Ron "You will" They where coming down Canyon....."There he IS!!!!!YAY!!! We got to meet her and then all split from there, Walt biked back home, Ron headed down, Me, I Got the First Truck hitching with my BIKE!!!!....THX J&J... I would have went to Alta with you BUT!!!! I'll take entrance Three!!! Seen many Worker Friends including Rick and his Wife on the Plaza...."Thank God for the Quad"Peruvian Lifty and even Pepper in the Locker Room... He was excited I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Seen Pamela "I heard You got injured?"...I'm OK Now.....Alison."HI" Many others.....Nice ride down to Rons
Seen Andrew at Smiths....I have some cloths in my locker still from opening day...."Those are Jeffs"

Snow near the top of Peruvian.....THE ALTER!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015