Monday, March 23, 2015

The Beach just below Postcard

19 Daysuntil closed for seasonApr. 12, 2015

Soli Sunday W/Marc Terry and ............

Got and early start, Marc picked me up....Before Cardiff Fork Marc realized he forgot his Boots...We turned around, Hit the Shop...Got GREAT! Coffee from Cammy!!!!!!!! Funny cause we ended up seeing Gu Ru Dave near the mouth of BCC...I flashed one of my Soli Beads so he knew where I was Going!!! HA!!!Back up and on the Slopes before 09:30.....We parked at the bottom of PostCard, Next to Terry!! Later Linda also parked here....THX FOR THE LUNCH!!! Even Marc got back in time for a Chicken Sand witch!!!!!!!!
Headed down to "G"'s Corner with 2 O'Douls and My Chair....Rick was the only one there, He set us up with a little something....THX!!!I set up near where you can see all the Skiers go by...No One was THERE!!!!!!!!!!Seen almost all the Fogs! Plus Roach, Matt, Travis ,Julie ,Lil "B" and their Girls (Passed the 2 Brighton Beads, It might be hard to keep them away from the Kids...HA!) Said Hi and lots of Waves to Skiers going By! Later Seen and gave Cynthia a Nice Soli Bead! She Skied Postcard for Me! Blady Skied 5 Times for Me too..."You Ski the easy, Intermediate, and Hard the same way"....Seen Marcs friend Mitch and Wife, They took a run together! Caught a ride down with Marc, It was after three...Rob just showed up and Randy was done,Down with pain but still hanging in the Parking lot...Good to be HOME!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Update and Beads for LDS

"I Finally seen the X-rays (I didn't want to see them in the Hospital) Tib is healing good, It is a 45 degree break with Bone matter filling in well, Fib is more of a Shatter/Schatter near the ankle, Also healing but will take a bit longer...The gap between the ankle and broken bones is very good....Doctor says its Perfectly Straight! He also said my Ski season is over...I didn't Cry...No walking with out Crutches until I see him again on Tuesday April 7TH ‪#‎IwasAskier‬"

Hoppys Day turned out Amy,Ron and Mark on the Plaza

Thank you Amy for the Ride up and Back...It was GREAT Just hitting the Locker room, Getting my pack and Helmet back, Hanging with Ron and Mark(We all met at the same time, Super loser Bus)
Seen Jerry and Lots of other Friends...."I was wondering where you were, Then I heard" Ohhh

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Seen the Surgeon Today

THX MOM! Dr Sybrosky and Assistant removed the Cast and stitches...No infections, Looks real Good....I don't have to remove the Plat or Post EVER! No weight until he sees me March 18th ....St
Pattis is the day before

Moms Timeline and Family Secrets

Mom is jumping on Board....More to come...No one has ever heard this sad tale... When Roger was only 3 Days old Mom was released early from the Hospital to visit her Mom in the same Hospital....Dad was soooo late that by the time they got up to My Moms Mothers room she had passed away.....I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE STAYED WITH THIS F#@KING DICK!!!!!!!!MOM you are a Stone Pillar and the real Cornerstone of our Family!!!!!!!!!
Another sad tale...Larinda was in the Hospital and getting close to passing, Mom took Jennifer to see her.....Jenn would NOT Go to her Mom....My Mom was devastated...Later Mom was grated custodial rights to raise her first Granddaughter....F-King Leo Took Jenn for a weekend and NEVER BROUGHT HER BACK! MY MOM LOST HER FIRST DAUGHTER....THEN HER FIRST GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bag-O-Beads! And the Mt where the Gods Live

THX TY! For the Blue Bud Light Medallions...After cutting up some old Stickers I'm set for the big Give away LDS Day
at Solitude
Oly Is Looking Very Nice Today...Tomorrow we get the new Furnace INSTALLED!