Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

58 ED 4

5hĂ nks for the ride up and down plus we skied all day!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

57 Brighton to Soli and Back

With Chef Scott and Marc, Thanks for the Ride Up and Down Scott!!! Easy to get the day ticket plus its a SolBright Pass!!! Can you say preroll on Milly? YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Started on GW (perfect timing), Snake, Crest, Milly,......"Burke, I've been looking for you, We met at Soli and I left you the Carvealicious Stickers!" Hell YEA!!! "This guy is a Legend!!" THX BILL! Can't find your Video but I'll keep looking,.... Sol bright trail to Apex (DavePex) Ski Patrol said Hi after Marc almost took them out,... Not a good place to Stop!!! Over to Double, Now its ON!!!! 2 Beamers, Back to Apex, Summit and Outta Here!!!! Skied down to the Car were Marc heads out, We have Lunch, I take 3 Bonus laps,.... (The BEST Snow so far this Season!!) DONE!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

56 Another AltaBird Connection

Biked to the Mouth of BCC from Moms via Andys, Got the sign and red Onepiece,... Seen the MitsuVan from Petzl coming down Canyon.... Walk to the 7-11, No Bic lighters,,,,BOOMBIII
Got a ride up Michigan and Vegas, Thx! Lee is in the locker room, We slowly make our way up the Tram and into the new Summit Res..... Alta in a Storm,.... Snowbird Cloud,... GREG!!!!!! WE SKIED MY RUN!!!!! Seen the Groups of Ladies,.... Heard my name from the Angle Chair,.... Back to Snowbird,.... Finally catch Ron Skiing the wrap around to the Reach over,... Riding the Volies,... I blow my Whistle!!!!! Nice Day and very pleasant ride down on the Bus talking to Sophie,... Squaw

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

55 AltaBird Tour on the Blades

Bike to Walts direct from here at Moms,... I forgot my sign BUT used my Alta necklace to get a ride up before the Bus Stop,... THX NATE! (Nice Toy and Pray Flags instead of Dolies) Entry 3!!
Got to the Slopes by 10:00 (Left my pack in the locker) P-dog still not open, On to Gadzoom, Warm up Run with a Stop,.... Here comes Brett for the second day, This time its 420 with a Bonus bud!!!!! little cloud to Mineral to Blady to Alta,...... "Where have you been?" Lifty at Blady,... Great Skiing on Sugarloaf including Bonus Groomers under the lift !!!! That was FUN Making my own lines on the Big Feet! Back to Mineral to see Estevan and Crew (Jon from Soli plus new friend Josh) "I.m glad I met you, I'm moving here from Jersey!" YEA! We Skied into Peruvian, I head to the Locker, Pick up Lunch and head to the Tram,... To cold to eat on the deck to its down Reg to a Spot just above the top of Gadzoom top shack,    Lunch above Lunch Run,... Bonus little Cloud around 15:00 "Seen you in Powder Mag",... and " We love you Burke!!!" I LOVE LITTLE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One more "Congrats on being in Powder,... THX!!! I was thinking he said skiing Pow. I Did!!
Catch the 990 at the Cliff, VERY NICE RIDE DOWN!!! Texas crew and one Wisconsin,... Ride from Walts to Home,.... Got here before dark, One of the most beautiful days I ever remember!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

54 Solo Snowbird Day,.... Carolyns Memo Day

Stormy and COLD!!!!!Bus was running late and showed up FULL! (Got on with the Snowbird Couple) "He Skis everyday and is living the Dream" THX! Slow ride up,... Still made it in time to catch the first Tram,..... NOT!!! I'm heading down to the Welbere Spot,.... Did it out and take a moment to remember Her (Miss Snowbird for Sure!!!!!) Even asked Gu Ru to take a Moment at the Summit,.... He will and also an intergalactic memo,.... Thxs?!!!...... Skied with Estevan and his Brother,... Then I head back to the Locker, Switch out the Ladies and bring out the Big Feet!!! Its ON! Take Peruvian to access Gad Valley via Rothman,.... Krista jumps on my Chair ("I wanna ride up with you too") Thanks rider behind us.... "You are the MOST Enthusiastic Skier on the Mountain, I love riding the 990 with You!" THX KRISTA! She is a trans plant from Vermont, YEA!!!! Seen Lee on the Chair but never made the connection,... Heard my Name, Matt??? Did the Ronnie wraparound all the way to the reach across,...... LEAN INTO THE MT.!!! "Are you the one putting smilely faces under the lift?" yup,... "We knew that was you"!!!! THX!!!Time to Ski Door One and fix my Memo Ski,   DID IT!!! Next is Door 2 with Snowmaker Brett! YEA First time this season for both of US (Ski Patrol was behind us and still there when passing the Doors on the ride up, Skis OFF?!!!!) Next Door three,.... Very Easy Access!! Back to door 2 and ended on Door ONE (Got a Necklace off the tree for Carolyn, Its at Andys) LINESSSSS Everywhere,.... So Much Fun I'm back up Today!!!!!!!!!!!!