Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Seen the Surgeon Today

THX MOM! Dr Sybrosky and Assistant removed the Cast and stitches...No infections, Looks real Good....I don't have to remove the Plat or Post EVER! No weight until he sees me March 18th ....St
Pattis is the day before

Moms Timeline and Family Secrets

Mom is jumping on Board....More to come...No one has ever heard this sad tale... When Roger was only 3 Days old Mom was released early from the Hospital to visit her Mom in the same Hospital....Dad was soooo late that by the time they got up to My Moms Mothers room she had passed away.....I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE STAYED WITH THIS F#@KING DICK!!!!!!!!MOM you are a Stone Pillar and the real Cornerstone of our Family!!!!!!!!!
Another sad tale...Larinda was in the Hospital and getting close to passing, Mom took Jennifer to see her.....Jenn would NOT Go to her Mom....My Mom was devastated...Later Mom was grated custodial rights to raise her first Granddaughter....F-King Leo Took Jenn for a weekend and NEVER BROUGHT HER BACK! MY MOM LOST HER FIRST DAUGHTER....THEN HER FIRST GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bag-O-Beads! And the Mt where the Gods Live

THX TY! For the Blue Bud Light Medallions...After cutting up some old Stickers I'm set for the big Give away LDS Day
at Solitude
Oly Is Looking Very Nice Today...Tomorrow we get the new Furnace INSTALLED!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ron got my Bag back to the Locker

Great News! Everything is now back where it belongs
Ron returned my Beloved Backpack from Welbere Spot to my Locker, THANKS!
Andy and Mandy took me up to Snowbird on Sunday, We took and filled the Big bag with Ski Boots,
2 pairs of blades, The "Not Panda Poles", My everyday Shoes, Plus Bike
Snowbird Clinic to Home, Last Thurs @Noon until Fri @8:00 PM... 2 Bags of Soft Goods plus 3 Beers came along with me, I have not had a Beer for a Week! This could be a good thing?...
I asked the Assistant at the Snowbird Clinic before being transferred down Canyon to put my Skis in Public Safety with my name on them, Jerry from Public Safety came over, Got the Locker key, Put them away "I don't need the locker number....Everyone knows its the one with the Flowers" Thank You Jerry
On Sunday it was Busy at the Nerd,CLINIC! Only seen the Janitor and a few locker mates....We were in and OUT!
Its been a week now, Rick from Snowbird called and sent a get well card....THANKS
Lots a get betters and good vibes from work...Even sent a one Week update Email
Humanas RN Called and did a follow up, suggested I change Doctors .....Feeling Lucky

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Soli Season pass Ride Data Jumped.2-08

My Solitude Season Pass Vertical ride Data move from 733620 to Total 789517 ...I haven't Skied Soli since 2-08 Looks like all Vertical Rides that were lost are now loaded...Like Link and TripleHorn lift rides...Yes!
2015-02-0810:53:54Moonbeam6752015-02-0811:18:34Link1602015-02-0811:48:27Eagle Express I15002015-02-0812:00:10Eagle Express I15002015-02-0812:18:04Link1602015-02-0812:24:24Link1602015-02-0812:30:42Link1602015-02-0813:29:51Eagle Express I15002015-02-0813:43:43Eagle Express I15002015-02-0814:28:00Eagle Express I15002015-02-0814:44:04Eagle Express I15002015-02-0815:02:30Eagle Express I15002015-02-0815:18:21Eagle Express I15002015-02-0815:33:07Eagle Express I1500Total789517

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back at Home/Bike at the Nerd

What to do? Andy and Mandy! Sunday they came over for a visit....Turned out we went up LCC,Got my Bike(Andy) Mandy and I hit the Locker, She likes the Flowers!We Took the Not Panda Poles,Blades and Big Feet, Dobermans Plus Clothes....Used Ronnies Big Bag... Clinic was FULL!!
highlights/Lowlights...Dave Powers was the only Local to see me on the Cart.....He messaged right away!The Clinic got more and more Busy,Taking off the Boot was the most painful...."Your the patient of the Month for not Squilling" IT HURT! Next I said those are my new Ski socks, Please don't cut off...Dr Ted and the Staff liked that I'm a Skier and thats what matters MOST! Stayed Positive! Plz take my Skis to Public Safety, They will hold them just put my name to them....Here comes Jerry"I know your locker number,I just need your Keys" THX JERRY! Ambulance ride down was OK, Driver missed the Turn.... Me "I don't want to go to Sandy either" They called ahead to make sure ER is ready...Right into a Room... Met the Surgeon Dr Cymbrosky. He did a great job and came for a follow up Fri before 08:00...He is the one that said we should get you out by the end of the day....Next was the dreaded call to Marc...I din't cry but was close...Next came the call from Cammy..."Have them get the RX ready" She was right..It was the only problem..Marc came by after a sight visit in Draper...Around 18:30 He and Cammy came back, Got me to the Pharmacy, Took me Home, Went back,Picked up and paid for the Meds!!!!!! Talk about LOVE!!!

Mom,Mt,Friends,Skis....What?No Beer!